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Little Things In Common is an online community where you can meet other parents and carers and discuss all the little things you have in common.

Create your own unique profile that describes your hobbies, interests and all the things that make you, you!
You can then join GROUPS based on your interests, baby ages/due date and location so you can meet people who live close and/or are just like you!
You might be a group of mums who discuss your fitness goals or a group of dads who love sports...Little Things In common is a place where you can meet parents who have more things in common that just being parents.

Learn about local services that you can attend with your baby using the SERVICES page. Here you can find out about services that are of interest to you and your baby or toddler, providing you with yet another avenue to meet likeminded people. If you would like to add a service, simply go the the services page and click "Create New Service." Services include things like mum and bub fitness sessions, pregnancy classes and music and development classes for you and your kids.

Ask questions of other members in the Q&A section. Search for members who live close, have babies of a similar age or share a similar due date or have common interests on the MEMBERS page

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“Little things in Common is a network for parents who love their children but also love other great things in life….Cafes, jogging, golf, sewing, art…..all the things that make you, you.”

About Me

When I was pregnant I tried to manage my expectations of what motherhood would be.
I had never even changed a babies nappy before my own baby so I was starting from scratch. I thought the safest bet was to assume the worst and then hopefully I'd be pleasantly surprised.

These were some of my assumptions:
*Labour is unpredictable and can't be planned.
*Breastfeeding can be challenging and in some cases impossible.
*Some babies don't sleep at night (I was soon to realise some babies don't sleep during the day either!)
*You better get Foxtel because you'll probably need to watch movies all day to keep busy (pffft!)

That was about as far as I got. Other than the watching movies prediction I wasn't too far off.
But by far the biggest misconception I faced was the impact parenthood would have on my relationships and the loneliness you could feel as a new mum.

I firmly believe that your existing friendships are more important than ever. It's crucial to be around people who knew you before you were a parent.

But if your existing friends aren't parents, you're going to have to go out and get some new mates!

You need friends who can truly relate to what you're going through. And you need friends who are home when your other friends are at work!

The next big shock for me came when I was seeking these new mum friends. I felt like I was on the dating scene again. As if it wasn't hard enough to find these mums, you then had that awkward moment of exchanging numbers or arranging to meet.

And here's the biggest challenge. You can find parents, you can arrange to meet, but it's much harder to find parents who you genuinely connect with and who you will form long lasting family friendships with.

It was through this experience that the concept of Little Things In Common came about. I wanted a place where parents could meet, connect and get to know each other.
I hope that you use Little Things In Common to find other parents or carers who you have things in common with other than your children. I hope that you chat and get to know each other as parents and as people.

I hope that you find people with lots of Little Things In Common. My vision is that the people you meet through this site will support you through this stage of your life and maybe even become some of your closest friends.