UHT Milk Machine Caused Minimal Damage Little Things In Common

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  • Description: Thanks to modern homogenizers, we can achieve the desired product consistency and uniformity and improve the taste while retaining all useful properties. The milk is then sent to the UHT Milk Machine, a plate heat exchanger. Jimei has the most modern and powerful heat exchangers. When the milk passes through the sterilizer's plate, the milk is immediately heated to a high temperature and then immediately cooled. This heat treatment minimizes the damage to the taste and properties of the milk. It is important to note that the milk passes through the factory's milk line under sterile conditions and is not in contact with air. The portion of the milk sold in cans and cartons enters the filling line. For the convenience of consumers, dairy milk is packed in different types of packaging. The factory has traditional, reputable equipment that can be packaged in pure white cardboard boxes. These cartons are made up of several protective layers, each with its own function: the cardboard provides hardness and opacity, the foil enhances barrier properties, and the polyethylene layer provides high quality seals and impermeability. Therefore, the milk in this package is protected to the utmost extent, is not exposed, and can maintain its characteristics for a long time. Shanghai Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the design and equipment of Milk Production Line. Our own equipment is not only beneficial and convenient for consumers, but also guarantees the highest quality of packaging. Another part of the milk is processed. Each of the 200 products has a formulation that is strictly followed by product engineers. The plant consists of a total of six divisions, producing and packaging milk, processed cheese, soft and semi-hard cheese, sour cream, fermented dairy products, cottage cheese and butter.