Paddy Husker Machine Features Little Things In Common

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  • Description: Paddy Husker(LIANGGONG) is an agricultural machine used to automate the processing of removing the chaff (outer husks) of rice grains. Throughout history, there have been numerous techniques to hull rice. Traditionally, it would be pounded using some form of mortar and pestle. An early simple machine to do this is a rice pounder. Later even more efficient machinery was developed to hull and Polish rice. These machines are most widely developed and used throughout Asia. The rice huller realizes the hulling purpose through press and twist force between a pair of rubber rolls and by weight pressure. Rubber rollers may be used to reduce the amount of breakage of the grains, so increasing the yield of the best quality head rice. The hulled material mixture is separated into brown rice and rice husk by air force in the separating chamber. The rice husker is incorporated with dust collector filter to collect this rice dust for disposal. Dust generated from rice mills is highly combustible that is why proper collection management and disposal is a must to avoid disaster. The husk from the seed is being collected and is mostly use as an organic fertilizer. Burned and mixed with soil, industrial fertilizer it is being added in a compost pit. It has the following characteristics´╝Ü 1. Adopting a new vibratory feeding system, stepless adjustment could be done to the vibration frequency According to actual production. Feeding is big and uniform, continuously exuviating with high shelling Rate and big capacity. 2. Opening for feeding gate and pressure between the rubber rollers are automatically controlled by Pneumatic components. Automatically unengaged without paddy, while if with paddy, rubber rollers Engage automatically. 3. Driven by synchronous dentiform between rubber rollers and newly gear-box, there is no slip, no Speed drop, therefore having high efficiency, low noisy and reliable technologic effect. 4. Different speed of double rollers is interchanged by gear shift, easy to operate. Click Paddy Separator to learn about more information.